3, 2, 1Howdy Peeps!

It is the final 3 days before the movers come to load all the wonderful boxes in my house. My furniture and belongings will be loaded up and my house will be empty.

So many items have come off the walls and packed away weeks ago. This has been a wonderful home for me but I can feel I’ve already ‘left the building’ though there are wonderful memories in the bones of this house.

My hands have taken care of the yard with love for 12 years, planted things, added bark, divided bulbs to share. The plants have been well taken care of.

I know once things are on the truck and I’m here doing the last of the cleaning I will feel even more nostalgic than I have the last few days, it’s lucky I read an advice article similar to this Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner: 4 Reviews and Purchasing Tips so I could find my backpack vacuum, it made cleaning the whole house completely a little easier! I plan on doing a releasing ceremony once it’s all cleaned and shampooed, as the last thing I do. I’m going to use Flying Wish Paper. It’s a great way to release as well as to set an intention for what’s to come. And my wish is that the next people will be as happy as I have been here.

I’m excited about my new adventure but the final clearing / releasing helps things emotionally be clear too.

And when I get to my new home, I’ll have a ceremony there as well…

Woo Hoo!!

Angel Blessings to you.