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Sue Broome Desert

Simplify & Environment

I saw the movie, Maleficent, over the weekend. It’s no wonder I was drawn to these two decks to pull cards - Magical Mermaids and Dolphins and the Healing with the Fairies, both by Doreen Virtue. I do very much recommend the movie as well. :)   Simplify Your Life, the first card, is something we can [...]

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Message From the Angels 4314

Dear Ones,   There are winds of change upon us. Yes, the wind has been blowing as well. The wind reminds us to release what no longer serves us, let go of what you are barely hanging onto anyway. The time is now to let go.   Imagine the wind taking your worries, your frustrations, [...]

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Look Inside Yourself

This is such an appropriate Healing with the Fairies card*. There are so many changes and shifts in the energies and this is at the core of it all.   Look Inside Yourself Are you happy with what you see? Do you feel you’re caught in a web? Do you see all of the opportunities [...]

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Release the Past

As you look around your surroundings, are there things that no longer have the meaning to you they once did? Are there things that you at one time thought you could never part with but now you know it’s meant to be released, on to another? We are all going through such energetic shifts right [...]

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Full Moon

Last night was the full moon and a partial lunar eclipse. We couldn't see it in the states but that doesn't mean we didn't feel the effects.  Full moons are beautiful. The effects will be different for everyone, but they do say there is many more arrests and more activity in emergency rooms on the [...]

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3 More Days

Howdy Peeps! It is the final 3 days before the movers come to load all the wonderful boxes in my house. My furniture and belongings will be loaded up and my house will be empty. So many items have come off the walls and packed away weeks ago. This has been a wonderful home for [...]

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Toxic Relationships

Howdy Peeps! A friend brought up the topic of 'toxic relationships' so I asked in my meditation the last couple of days for information. Here is what I've received, some reasons for them as well as what to do to help and here is a picture which reflects the toxic effects on the flower. Toxic [...]

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Family Beliefs

Howdy Peeps!!! Wow, it's so amazing how things come up during the week. Sometimes I don't know until after this is written, what it will be about. And sometimes it comes up days earlier, in several ways, what it will be. The Angels work their magic, that's for sure. I want to talk about beliefs [...]

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