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Dear Ones,


Today we speak of ‘letting go’. Letting go, releasing – what no longer serves you. We have spoken of this in the past and yet it is still a topic that comes up again and again.


When you let go of something, it does not mean the memories of it are gone as well. Many times you want to hold onto the wonderful memories. There are other times when it is time to let go, you also want to release the memories or remember only the positive aspects.


There is nothing wrong with letting go. If it does not serve you, it is ready, you are ready. 


If there are still hurt feelings or anger or frustration or you are triggered over a memory, then there may be more healing that is yet to occur. Start by sending love to you, then to the situation and then to any others who may have been involved. 


Journaling may also allow the anger or frustration to let go of the grip. Asking your Angels will assist with all aspects as well. 


Re-writing the memory is another idea that some of you may resonate with. Re-write the story or parts of the story, to something that feels better. Let go of your perception of what you feel happened.


Once you have let go, allow our love to fill you up.


~ Your Angels ~


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC


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