Beautiful Arizona sunset with hues of Angelic color
Sue Broome Desert

Message From the Angels 73015

Dear Ones, Today we speak of joy and how to bring more joy into your life. Set the intention, first thing in the morning ‘today will be a joy-filled day.’  Look for things that bring you joy. You can start with things in your memory, joy-filled memories and remember them as you're starting your day. [...]

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Message From the Angels 70915

Dear Ones,   Today we speak of surrender. We mean surrender as a form of release, relinquishing the controls.   There are many of you who are holding on so tightly to things that seem so important. Once you surrender you may realize it was either not that big of a deal to begin with [...]

Message From the Angels 112014

Dear Ones,   Today we speak of moments. Your lives are made up of these small yet very important measurements of time. Moments are not ‘good’ moments or ‘bad’ moments - they are moments. And when you take all of these moments and pool them together, they become who you are right now.   Think [...]

Message From the Angels 111314

Dear Ones,   Today we speak of ‘balance’. You may think of being ‘in balance’ as being grounded or being centered. These are all good terms.   Being balanced is a beneficial thing for you. You may feel we are saying to have the right balance of work, play, home, eat, sleep, etc. These are [...]

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