Dear Ones,


Today we speak of love. We love you so very much. We infuse our love in everything so you feel it slowly and steadily unfolding. Our love is there for you each day, every moment.

  • When you sit in nature and listen, you’ll hear and feel our loving whispers with the wind. You’ll feel our love unfolding, surrounding you with a soft caress.
  • When you pause at a stoplight, you may notice the song on the radio with words of love. If you allow it in you’ll notice a warm feeling wash over you.
  • When you spend time with family or friends, you may notice another level of closeness with them. 
  • When you eat some of your favorite food you may notice a loving feeling inside as well as out.
  • When you look at the sunrise and the sunset, you’ll notice the wonderful colors and vibrancy. You’ll feel a loving awe come over you.
  • When you stand making a difficult decision you’ll feel a nudge and you’ll feel compassion and peace.
  • When you hear chimes, indoors or out, you’ll hear our singing in between the chimes.
  • When you notice the call of a bird, sending out it’s magical voice, you’ll know we are near.

These are just a few ways we infuse our love so it is continually and steadily unfolding. We send you love in everything so you will be sure to feel it, hear it, see it, know it. We love you. Notice all the ways we send you our love, feel the ways we send you our love.


~ Your Angels ~


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC