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I chose a card from The Guiding Light Oracle cards*. I added the hearts because they seemed to belong.


I believe an important piece of being a Shining Star is loving yourself. I believe a part of being a Shining Star is sharing your love out to others and the world. And I believe the time is now, for all of us to get on with it – with shining our light, sharing our love, sharing our light.


Shining Star. We all have moments where we are a shining star and shining brightly for others because maybe they need things to be a bit brighter. And then there are times when another is shining on us to brighten our day.


It’s time everyone. Shine your light. It is no longer the time to hide. The more we shine our lights, the brighter our world gets. 


If you have not been shining your light, the time is now! “It is time for you to take front and center stage” and be that Shining Star.


If we could all see ourselves as the spiritual beings we are, I believe we would see Shining Star after Shining Star after Shining Star.


Angel Blessings to you,



Empowerment 4 You LLC


*deck by Kelly T Smith