waterfallHowdy Peeps!

We've all heard the saying "when one door closes, another door opens". The quote goes on but you know the one I'm referring to.

If you think of the way you would walk down a hallway or down a path, your head is facing forward. If you twist your neck around to see what's behind you, you could trip, so it's best to keep looking forward to where you are going.

As you go into a building or into a house, you open the door, walk through and let the door close behind you. Do you typically hold onto the door handle for several minutes before letting go? Or do you turn around to look at the door as it closes? Probably not.

So why do so many of us insist on doing this with different aspects of our lives? We either don't want to let go of what's behind us and a 'completed aspect' or we keep turning around and rehashing what's over and done. 

Well, I think the number one reason is fear. Afraid of the unknown that lies ahead. Or maybe afraid of reliving some experience where we weren't so happy with the outcome.

What can we do to easily let go of that door and move on? 

  1. Focus. Focus on where you are going. One step at a time works best, but focus where you are going, on your next steps, your next adventure. Break the steps into even smaller steps if that seems to help.
  2. Write a story. Write a few sentences or a story about what tomorrow or next week or next year will look like. But write it in present tense as if it's happening right now.
  3. Thank the door. Whatever the door represents to you, thank it. Make a list of all of the positive things, of all of the things you appreciate, about it, of all the lessons you have learned, of all the joy it has brought you. And keep adding to the list. 
  4. Forgive the door. Forgiveness is so very powerful. Forgive the door, the people surrounding the door and forgive yourself for your part.
  5. Acknowledge the fear that pops up along the way. Look at each fear. If you can do something about it, great, do that something. If not, let it go. And if it makes you feel better, keep a list of all your fears you can't do anything about and then burn the list (ha-something you can do about it! :)).
  6. Look for windows. For those times you really can't see the many doors of opportunity in front of you, look for a window. And use the window to either let more light in so you can see the door or open the window and crawl through it.

Look for all the wonderful opportunities that lie before you. So many doors to choose!

Angel Blessings to you.