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Forgiveness Mantra

I realize I have done several blogs on the subject of Forgiveness (links listed at the end of this blog). And yet, it comes up as a 'hot topic.'   I received this Forgiveness Mantra about three years from one of the Lee Harris videos* (April 2012). I filed it away in a very safe [...]

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Ho’oponopono Prayer

  It seems over the last few weeks ‘forgiveness’ has come up, in readings, in healing sessions and in church. I have written earlier blogs about forgiveness as well*.   The Ho’oponopono Prayer is a wonderfully short prayer yet power-packed.   Recently a friend shared a way to work with this prayer, differently than I [...]

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  It seems forgiveness has come up several times over the last few days so I thought I would do another blog on it. Thank You For Giving Me... was a previous blog I had done which you may also enjoy and find beneficial.   We have no control over anyone else or anything else. [...]

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Thank You For Giving Me…

Howdy Peeps! Thank you for giving me - this is what forgiveness means to me. Thank you for giving me the gift of (fill in the blank). This could be any number of things, depending on what transpired. The gift may be how you would do things differently next time. The gift may be that you have [...]

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