dragonflyAs you look around your surroundings, are there things that no longer have the meaning to you they once did? Are there things that you at one time thought you could never part with but now you know it’s meant to be released, on to another?

We are all going through such energetic shifts right now and this only makes sense. We are not the same person we were yesterday and for sure not the same person we were a year ago.


Maybe there are books you have you know you will never read, or clothes you can send off to another who will love them as you once did.


If you have a room or a closet that is too overwhelming to release, ask a friend for help. That’s what I did today. I was the friend.


The friend has a more objective point of view and doesn’t have the attachment that you may to some of the items.


I let go of many things before I headed west. It does give you a sense of relief. It’s because everything is energy. And each item you have, each thing in your house, has an energetic pull on you.


What if you have a storage container with even more things you don’t use. Think of the energetic pull each of these items has on you.


Start small. Maybe start with a drawer. Or maybe start by sorting for 5-10 minutes. But start.


As you release things you no longer use, you will feel lighter and you may notice a transformation happening. Maybe the room looks brighter.


Along with the releasing of the physical things, there is a clearing that automatically happens with you, personally. Drink more water and don’t be surprised if you feel tired, depending on what you have released, even if it is things you really wanted gone. Maybe take extra good care of yourself for the next day or two. 


As one of my mentors has said many times: ‘it’s all good’. 🙂


Angel Blessings to you.



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