now quoteThe time is now. This is a true statement, no matter what time it is. It is always ‘now’. And the time is now!


Time for what you may be asking? Well, that would be up to you now wouldn’t it? We are all on a path of our own making, our very own journey. 


The one thing I do know, is as you are on your journey, wherever it’s taking you, getting yourself in the NOW helps with so many things.


How do you get in the now? The best way I know how is to stop whatever it is you’re doing, and breathe. I know this is my answer to many things, but pay attention next time you're stressed, or panicked or whatever. You most likely are holding your breath.


It is helpful if you can sit down and get comfortable too and even close your eyes, but sometimes you may not be able to do that, like if you’re driving.


You know how the driver in front of you may be going too slow and you’re in a hurry? And I’m sure you are annoyed or frustrated. You aren’t thinking about where you are because you’re too busy thinking I’m late, I need to be at another destination now.


However, right now you are in traffic behind a slow driver.


Breathe. Notice how your body is feeling right now, and breathe. Notice the other cars around you right now and breathe. Notice the weather right now and breathe.


You may still get to your location late, but you will arrive much calmer and more present to the moment you are in. Your entire day may go smoother because of your breathing in the now on the drive in.


If you were walking along a path from point A to point B and you were so focused on either point A or point B, not noticing the beautiful path you were on, what fun is that? How many of us are so focused on the past or the future and don’t take the time to smell the roses in front of you, this very moment.


This ‘present’ moment is a gift. 


Take time each day to notice where you’re mind is wandering. Are you focusing on the tomorrows? Are you beating yourself up about the yesterdays? Or are you in the now?


Breathe. Be in the now.


Angel Blessings to you.



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