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Dear Ones,


There are winds of change upon us. Yes, the wind has been blowing as well. The wind reminds us to release what no longer serves us, let go of what you are barely hanging onto anyway. The time is now to let go.


Imagine the wind taking your worries, your frustrations, your anger – if you are ready. 


If you are one who likes to truly experience this, go stand outside. Open your hands and open your arms wide. Allow the wind to sweep away what you are ready and willing to release.


Feel the soft breeze or the gust of wind on your hands, on your arms, on your face, in your hair. Know that what no longer is for your highest and best good is now released to the wind and the Angels.


Let it go in the wind. The Angels will transmute it to love and blow it back your way.


Now stand so the wind is in your face. Allow the love of the Universe, the Angels, Gaia, to be brought to you. Open your hands, your arms, your mind and your heart. Open them wide and accept the love in. Accept all of the possibilities that are before you to come into your heart. Know that the wind is now bringing this to you.


Enjoy the winds of change. 


~ Your Angels ~


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC


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