Howdy Peeps!!!

Wow, it's so amazing how things come up during the week. Sometimes I don't know until after this is written, what it will be about. And sometimes it comes up days earlier, in several ways, what it will be. The Angels work their magic, that's for sure.

I want to talk about beliefs – FAMILY beliefs. WOW, I can feel that in every cell of my body and the chimes go off for emphasis. These are my in-house chimes that the Angels, Spirit Guides and my family members set off to emphasize things.

It seemed so perfect with Thanksgiving next week. I know that's not the only reason family beliefs may show up, but I think family gatherings surely emphasize them, sometimes to such proportions that they seem unmanageable. So let's see if the Angels (chimes again!) and I can help with that before next week gets here.

Think about the family beliefs you might have, or the beliefs you 'think' your family members have or you 'know' they have:

  • we have to have this holiday meal ON this specific day at  this precise time
  • we have to have this planned meal, prepared in this (chimes!!) specific way
  • we have to spend the holiday with our 'blood' family and relatives and if we don't, we're horrible people
  • we have to act in a certain way because that's how everyone expects us to act
  • I can't change
  • I have to change
  • I'll be treated as if I'm still a child 
  • I am responsible for…
  • It is impossible to please…

I'm not saying family beliefs (or families) are bad. They are our greatest teachers! Look at the wonderful gifts you've learned from them. Maybe you learned how you want to be and how you want to do things, but you also very well may have learned how not to be and what not to do. It's all still gifts.

What if you could let some of those beliefs go – before next Thursday – right now? Because really, do you want to hang on to any of them? If you do, go ahead, have at it.

But if you are ready to let them go, great!

Close your eyes (if you can) and take a few deep breaths. Imagine that each of these beliefs is a balloon. You are currently holding a large bunch of balloons (well, I know I am :)).

As you exhale, release as many balloons as you are ready to release. It may be one, it may be 2, it may be a dozen. Whatever you release right now, is right for you.

Do this several times until as many balloons as your ready to release today have been released. The Angels will take them and transmute them to love.

When you are ready, take several more breaths, this time connecting to Mother Earth. Imagine you have tree roots going deep down into Mother Earth, feel her stability and love.

Open your eyes when you are ready.

You can do this as many times as you'd like. It's a great way to get yourself centered. You can even do it when you pull up in the driveway, before walking into the house for Turkey Day meal!!

As I said, families aren't bad. Let's bring in some positive affirmations for our family gatherings. Here are some words you could choose:

  • joyous
  • fun occasion
  • all the food turns out perfectly
  • everyone gets along the entire time
  • everyone goes home happy

My family gatherings are wonderful joyous occasions. I always leave happy. Thank you Angels.

Angel Blessings to you.


Release Family Beliefs meditation