distorted flowerHowdy Peeps!

A friend brought up the topic of 'toxic relationships' so I asked in my meditation the last couple of days for information. Here is what I've received, some reasons for them as well as what to do to help and here is a picture which reflects the toxic effects on the flower.

Toxic relationships are all around us. Some we are in, some we are affected by even though we may not be directly involved. Some are at work or 'are' work, and some are personal or extracurricular (ex: sports teams) of some kind.

Sometimes you may not even realize you are in this type of relationship, but the name alone 'toxic', gives you the biggest clue. Your body knows and will tell you if you aren't sure or if you are looking for confirmation.

Does your body cringe or do you feel discomfort or ill prior to, during or after you spend time with an individual? Do you feel as if you've been poisoned, stunned or the wind knocked out of you? Or do you feel distraught or depressed?

There will be times you will dismiss it as something you ate or a coincidence but it is not. It is the relationship at work. I'm not referring to an occasional disagreement with someone, I'm talking about repeated toxicity.

Once you recognize it, look at the reasons you are in the relationship. Is there a gift (a lesson) the other is assisting you with or maybe you're assisting them? Is there inequity or an inequality in the giving and receiving and is there a way to balance the inequality?

Sometimes you may uncover the reason for staying in the relationship is fear. Fear of being alone, fear of being lonely, fear of you name it. 

Look at the source of the fear(s). Then look within to the Divine light within you. Consume the fears with light.

This can be done by positive thoughts, positive affirmations, after the fear has been released. The fear must be released through some mechanism, whether it be writing, journaling, speaking, burning a candle, stomping your feet, drumming your frustrations, screaming, whatever method works for the individual (you). Release the fear. It is an apparition, it is not your truth. Then engulf whatever is left with the Divine light you are. This is within us all.

If you are in the midst of the relationship, we do not always see the affect it is having on us and sometimes outside support is something to seek. A friend's ear is also good, but friends are too entangled. Seek support, someone who has been through what you are going through.

At the ending of a friendship or a relationship take time to grieve. The length of time of the relationship is of no consequence as there may be shorter relationships with intense feelings and emotions attached as well. The grieving process is important. 

Be true to yourself. If a relationship is no longer working, it is beneficial to all to walk away.

Love and light to those in your life, to those who have been in your life and to those who are still to come.

Angel Blessings to you.

Sue & 3 Light Beings of the Emissaries