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Did you know “I’m So Busy” is an affirmation? Yes it is – maybe not something you WANT as an affirmation. Check in with your words and see how many times a day you use this. 


AND have you ever notice that after you say “I’m So Busy” there’s usually a huge sigh of overwhelm.


I’m not saying I have never said this phrase, though I learned a long time ago that if you catch yourself saying things like this – as you are saying it – you can Cancel, Clear, Delete and come up with something positive – a positive affirmation.


So I have two (2) words for you. Stop it!! Seriously, that is how you break the habit because that’s all it is.


We all have many things going on in our lives and the world is speeding up. I’m sure you feel it. Using affirmations in the morning and throughout your day will help your day move at a pace that is more beneficial.


Here are words from the 21 Day Challenge blog I did October 11, 2011 (notice all the 1’s – they are all about focusing on the positive! AND it’s 11:11 as I’m typing this):


When you find yourself saying (or thinking) a negative affirmation, stop, turn it around. Say a positive affirmation right then and repeat it a couple of times. Here’s an example: I never have enough time (negative).


>> Stop <<


I have enough time to do what needs to be done (positive).


As you can see by the example I used, time must have been a hot topic then too.


Come up with a mantra or a positive affirmation or some power words that will work for you in your situation. Have fun with it and enjoy.


Angel Blessings to you,



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