Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you are doing well with your affirmations and the 21 day challenge.

A friend shared her experience a day or so after reading the 21 day challenge article.

She was in a ‘line’ for Customer Service. She had waited for nearly 20 minutes with no one in line in front of her. She kept repeating ‘be positive, be positive’. After asking the clerk if she was in the correct line, which she was, he helped her, without commenting on her waiting so long.

She did not get upset about the situation though it could have clearly upset some. This was the third thing she had noticed where she would normally have gotten upset about – and didn’t.

If you focus on the positive, things may go smoother.

I was in the DOT this morning, renewing my license as well as updating my car title. The first window I smiled, said Good Morning and asked how she was doing. She smiled back with a genuine smile and reciprocated. She gave me a number and explained which area I needed to go.

I went to the Photo area. Once my number was called, I greeted the person taking the picture with a big smile and a Good Morning. And he reciprocated.

He took my picture, which of course has a great smile on it, and asked me to wait in the lobby until my number was called.

I went to my next window. I smiled and said Good Morning. He didn’t really look at me, was doing his thing, and only paying attention to what he was doing, not me and my smile.

OK, I’ll try another approach… I asked who to make the check out to and verified the amount was for both things. He said yes and told me my title would be up in a minute.

‘Oh Wow, I was thinking I’d have to wait several weeks’. He says, without much enthusiasm ‘no, that’s one of the benefits of coming in here to get it taken care of’.

And my response, with a smile and enthusiasm is ‘and of course to see your smiling face too’. And he was hooked – there was the smile I was waiting for. And it was genuine. And he was still smiling when I walked away, back to the Photo area to get my license.

Maybe I didn’t walk in the door, ‘saying’ an affirmation, but my smile, my enthusiasm and my Good Morning WAS my affirmation.

So how long total, do you think I was in there? I wish I would have timed it, but it was no more than 15 minutes.

One more story, with another example. This is what someone sent me this morning:

A big positive: I am really tired of being in pain and having no life … and get on with what I need to do to take care of myself.

I have heard these words, almost exactly from more than one person. If we break it down, about the only thing that is positive is the word positive. Let’s turn it around so if you are looking at a similar situation, you can have some positive words to use.

A big positive: I am able to take care of myself. I am excited about life and have the energy I need to enjoy it. My body feels healthy.

What a difference a word makes. As I said, this was the second or third person I’ve heard almost these same words from.

Have you heard: today’s thoughts become tomorrow’s actions. Today’s actions become tomorrow’s habits.

I vote we have positive thoughts for today.

Something you may want to do, ask a friend to be your ‘Affirmation Buddy’. What is this? Ask a friend to help ‘catch you’ when your words may need some positive words inserted.

We all know it’s much easier to see where the other person could use our assistance 🙂 than seeing where we need it.

So let me know how you’re doing!! I like to share stories or at least some details.

Angel Blessings to you.


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