Happy Friday Everyone (well, almost Friday)!!

Since Friday is my birthday, (yes, my special day!!), I'm hoping for a present from you. It's not what you may think. I'm actually looking for Birthday Presence.

Birthday Presence – what is that, you ask? Right now, this very moment, be present with where you are, who you are, what you are thinking and the expression on your face! And, breathe! This is my moment, right now, as I'm typing this:

  • I'm in my kitchen at the table
  • I am a loving, spiritual, compassionate and gifted healer
  • I am thinking…
    • …how grateful I am to be here right now, in this moment
    • …one spark of inspiration from me to you and you to the next person (and watch the ripple~) is an awesome and wonderful gift
  • And I have a big genuine smile on my 🙂 face 🙂
  • Breathe in, breathe out – ahhhhhhh

Another cool birthday present is for you to pass it on. Pass on your smile, tell someone an affirmation, tell another about the 21 day challenge. Forward them the blog so they can follow along as well. Share it on Facebook or ReTweet on Twitter. Pass it on.

Think how much more fun your day could be when everyone is having a positive day!!!

Angel Blessings to you.


PSA (Post Script Affirmation)  I am having a stupendous day. The Universe takes care of me.