As I’m sitting here asking the Angels what I’m to write about, I just closed my eyes to see what guidance would come. I found myself at peace and centered. A wonderful feeling.


When I opened my eyes, after only a few minutes, I noticed the sky out the window was turning colors. Of course I had to get up and go check it out up close. Well, the sky was beautiful. 


That’s what the Angels were telling me. Enjoy This Moment


Enjoy the couple of moments with eyes closed, peaceful and centered.

Enjoy the beautiful sky from several places around the house.

Enjoy sharing this moment with you.


Take time each day in your busy life, to stop, look around and enjoy the moment you are in. You don’t always need to be thinking about the next moment, the future or the past. Be present to what is going on around you right now.


I share my beautiful moment with you.




Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC


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