Beautiful Arizona sunset with hues of Angelic color
Sue Broome Desert

Enjoy This Moment

As I’m sitting here asking the Angels what I’m to write about, I just closed my eyes to see what guidance would come. I found myself at peace and centered. A wonderful feeling.   When I opened my eyes, after only a few minutes, I noticed the sky out the window was turning colors. Of [...]

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No Drama Please

Do you know people who have one big drama or one crisis after another in their lives? They could take a calm situation and turn it into a 3-part docu-drama series event. Or maybe it is their ‘normal’ to have many events that are filled with emotion or circumstances that seem to get blown way [...]

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Be Calm

I sat down, just getting ready to do my blog. Of course I had to go check Facebook first. :) I like to see whats going on, the new pictures, see what I want share from others, etc. I had just commented on a picture and the screen flashes my computer may be infected and [...]

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