Beautiful Arizona sunset with hues of Angelic color
Sue Broome Desert

Powerful Trio

I love this picture! It was one of the irises I had in my backyard in Madison.    I was looking through some pictures a couple of weeks ago and came across this picture. I immediately posted it on Facebook and I also set it up as the background of one of my screens. I [...]

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Beautiful Skies

  I wanted to share some of the beautiful skies here in northern Arizona a few nights ago. These pictures were all taken within 10 minutes, from all different directions. They are amazing how the sky changes. You can see the many differences in the panoramic picture in the center.   Just before sunset, go [...]

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Enjoy the Spring Flowers

Wherever you are, get out and enjoy the flowers. If you don't see them outside, stop and pick some up at the store or a vendor, to have them sit on your table.  Flowers brighten our moods, give off a wonderful scent, put a smile on our faces. They may also bring up some memories of [...]

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Enjoy This Moment

As I’m sitting here asking the Angels what I’m to write about, I just closed my eyes to see what guidance would come. I found myself at peace and centered. A wonderful feeling.   When I opened my eyes, after only a few minutes, I noticed the sky out the window was turning colors. Of [...]

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Oh What A Beautiful Day

  Today is a bit of an overcast day. That doesn’t take away what a beautiful day it is though.   The sun is shining up there somewhere. And inside I’m shining for all to see.   Along my path I saw a wonderful sky. That’s the picture you’re seeing. Anyone care to comment as [...]

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Beautiful Sights

  All around us are beautiful sights. When we are out in nature, there are wonderful things  all around up and all around down and all around.   Nature has so many beautiful colors and shapes and scents. Of course that means we may need to step outside to see what’s there.   One of [...]

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Reveal Yourself

  We are all such interesting creatures. We are as multi-layered as this plant. I believe the plant is in the Agave family (but don’t quote me - and if you know for sure, please tell me :)).   The plant has many layers. The outer layers are very protective and as the plant becomes [...]

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Beautiful Flowers

Howdy Peeps! Today's blog I want to show you the beauty of 2 flowers. But instead of me telling you what's beautiful about each, I want you to tell me what beauty you see in each. Each one has a very distinct beauty of it's own. :) Add your comments below, what you notice, what [...]

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