skyToday is a bit of an overcast day. That doesn’t take away what a beautiful day it is though.


The sun is shining up there somewhere. And inside I’m shining for all to see.


Along my path I saw a wonderful sky. That’s the picture you’re seeing. Anyone care to comment as to what they see in the picture? Add your comments below. I know what I see. 🙂


When I first set foot out the door, I caught one small whiff of lilacs. The neighbors on both sides of me each have the same kind of lilac bushes I had in Madison.


I walked over closer to the lilac bush and inhaled deeply. Ah, I love lilacs.


Everything is so new to me and many of the plants are different, so I’m not even sure what kind of flowers they are. But they’re already starting.


Flowering trees are turning into trees with leaves already. It’s happening in a matter of days.


What is your favorite part of the spring?


I love the newness of everything, the freshness. The house smells great because I’m able to open the doors and windows. I can go for longer walks.


This picture below is super small flowers, but the color is so deep and beautiful.


spring flowerGo for a walk. Get outside in nature. See if you can pick up the wonderful scent of flowers coming into bloom. Watch for the bright colors of the flowers peaking up out of the ground.


Ah, everything is beautiful.


Angel Blessings to you.



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