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Dear Ones,


As a flower opens its petals and reveals what’s within, many gaze in awe. You breathe in it’s beauty through your eyes, through your nose, through your touch.


Have you done this lately? Have you gazed upon the beauty of a flower? They have been put upon the earth for your enjoyment. 


Do you take the time to notice?


This is just an example of something that is around you that you may not notice. There are many other things, under your nose. Pay attention Dear Ones…


Be in the moment, see what is in front of you, notice who is beside you, hear what is being whispered to you.


Being in the now allows you to release the worries and the anxiety. Being in the now means you are not reliving the past or wondering what will happen in the future. You just are – now.


Be in the now. Notice what flowers are surrounding you.


~ Your Angels ~


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC