I discovered a fabulous new deck of Angel Cards* so that's what I decided to do for today's blog.


As I was choosing a card for today, I did something I have never done before – I put it back in the deck thinking "I don't want to use that one". You would think if the message truly needed to come through the same exact card would be pulled. This was not the case. However, the first card made a lot of sense with the 2nd card. So, as you can see, I'm using both of them today.


This deck is truly a beautiful deck and different yet similar to other decks I have. When you are on your own search for a deck that works for you, I do recommend checking out as many decks as you can to see what feels right for you. Sometimes you'll be drawn to one right away and other times you may need to use several before landing on just one – or of course you just end up using them all.


Don't Hate, Meditate! / Thank you Angels for guiding me to love through meditation. The reason I wanted to put this card back is because of the word hate – it is not one of my favorite words. I will look for a positive way of stating the same thing. However, the message is to meditate instead of having feelings of negativity or hatred. This is a similar message I have been hearing over and over today.


If you meditate or if you don't, that does not matter. What does matter and the message I want you to really get is to focus on something positive when you are feeling a pull to a lower vibrational thought or feeling. I am not saying not to acknowledge it. What I’m saying is breathe into and change your focus to something positive, something you do want.


An example of this is if you are having a thought like 'I cannot do this', change the thought to I choose not to do this or I will learn to do this. It's a very different vibration.


Focus Your Mind / Thank you Angels for helping me to focus on my priorities. This card goes so well with the 'meditate' card and with the message I am receiving.

  • Focus on what you DO want
  • Focus on what you want to FEEL
  • Focus on where you want to LIVE
  • Focus on the POSITIVE
  • Focus on what is going RIGHT in your life, the things you LIKE whatever that is
  • Focus on LOVE not hate

The two cards are beautiful together. Meditate and Focus on the joys and the blessings in your life to bring more of these.


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC


*Kyle Gray-Angel Prayers Oracle Cards