Heart MandalaHowdy Peeps!!

Hans and Bug are 2 very good friends. They met a long while ago, when they were in kindergarten. They have been friends ever since. They went to the same high school and college and they stood up for each other when each got married and were friends and confidants through each others divorce. 

But the true friendship was when Hans' Mother and Bug's Father passed away. Bug was a nickname dubbed by her father, short for Cute as a Bug!

Hans and Bug are on a hike this beautiful Spring day. There is still a crispness to the air but the sun is shining and the wind is coming from the south. It's a nice breeze, just enough to move the limbs of the trees a bit so you can see the buds just starting to shine through on them. Everything feels so fresh and new.

Hans is having a difficult time today because it would have been his Mom's birthday. Bug really understands because she was having some memories of her Dad this morning that really stuck with her. They were good memories but nostalgia had settled in with a soft embrace on Bug.

Both Hans' Mother and Bug's Father had died of an illness so they were both familiar with watching their beloved parent going through the illness and the treatments, sometimes helping but most times not.

Today they decided to honor their feelings and honor their parents. They decided to take this beautiful afternoon off from the stresses of their lives and spend the time outdoors, in Mother Nature, talking and reminiscing about their parents.

They had both discovered that spending time in nature as well as with each other has always helped them make it through days like today.

Hans starts out talking about his Mother, how they always enjoyed walking in the woods together, just the 2 of them. It was always a special time because Hans thought the world of his Mom and it would be just the 2 of them with the trees and wildlife watching over them. They would walk and talk for hours.

Sometimes now, Hans will walk alone in the woods and imagine his Mom walking beside him, many times talking out loud as if she were there. And knowing the answers are coming from the trees and the birds instead of the voice of his Mom. He feels her walking beside him.

Tonight Hans is going to light a special candle just for his Mom, so she knows he remembers.

Bug tells a story about when she was young, her Dad would go pheasant hunting (bless their spirits!). But, Bug loved to spend time with her Dad without anyone else around so she would go with him. Luckily she never saw him actually shoot anything.

It was a chance where she could walk quietly with her Dad and just enjoy who he was, without any expectations.

Hans and Bug loved sharing these stories and others with each other. Each had told and heard these stories, many times before, but neither ever tired of them. It brought their friendship closer but also it kept their parents alive.

As it was starting to get cooler and the sun was getting closer to setting, they turned one last time to the woods and the trees with their fresh buds and said "I love you Mom, I love you Dad".

Angel Blessings to you!


* If you'll notice the mandala, it has many hearts and the shape is continuous, because love is continuous, whether we are here in the physical or not.