Beautiful Arizona sunset with hues of Angelic color
Sue Broome Desert

Happy Birthday Dad

Howdy Peeps! Happy Birthday Dad! I would like to wish my Dad a special birthday. He would be 74 today. We had gotten close a few years after I was out of the house. When I was in my teenage years, of course my Dad never knew what he was talking about and I knew [...]

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Hans and Bug

Howdy Peeps!! Hans and Bug are 2 very good friends. They met a long while ago, when they were in kindergarten. They have been friends ever since. They went to the same high school and college and they stood up for each other when each got married and were friends and confidants through each others [...]

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Signs From Above

I hope everyone had a very nice New Year Holiday. Now it's time to get this year a rocking' and rollin'!! Woo Hoo! I wanted to share a story about a 'sign' from my Dad, notes from heaven, as some might say. As some of you may know, Dad passed in 1984. He had been [...]

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