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Happy Birthday Dad!

I would like to wish my Dad a special birthday. He would be 74 today.

We had gotten close a few years after I was out of the house. When I was in my teenage years, of course my Dad never knew what he was talking about and I knew way more than he did. I remember years later, when I was probably in my early 20s I said to my Dad "you know, you aren't as dumb as I always thought you were". He gets a big smile and said it was probably the nicest thing one of his kids had ever said to him.

I also remember not too long after he had passed, I was having an argument with one of my brothers and I realized how much I sounded like Dad. He had rubbed off way more than I ever realized. It was kind of a funny realization.

I miss Dad. When he was in the hospital I would always go early in the morning, before anyone else would be there so I knew it would be just he and I and we'd be able to talk. And when he was back working I would stop by where he worked to be able to talk with him, or sometimes meet him after work for a drink.

I know Dad is around me and I see signs over and over. The signs are all around us if we know what to look for. As I started to write this very paragraph, my chimes go off and the time is 3:12. Hi Dad! 🙂

We don't always get along with our parents, just like all of you who are parents, I'm sure there are times you don't get along with your kids either. The important thing is to do what you can to let them know you care. Do your best not to wait until it's too late to tell them.

I say do what you can, because everyone has their own way of showing it. 

Recently I was sitting vigil with someone and the family was all there. They each took their turns, one by one to tell their Dad their good-byes while I waited out in the hall. Tell them before it gets to this point.

If, for whatever reason you are unable to tell them how you feel, there is something I wrote about in an early blog, Bridges of Love, that you could do. I've modified a bit from the earlier blog. Please don't underestimate the power this has and the healing that can occur:

Think of a memory of your loved one that brings a smile to your face every time you think of it. 

Now, close your eye and think of that specific memory. Bring in all the details around it, the sights, the sounds, any scents. If there was laughter, hear the laughter, if you were holding hands, feel the sensation on your hand.

Stay with this memory for several minutes and really feel the energy around all of the sensations. 

Now, look into your loved ones eyes and tell them how you feel about them, what they mean to you.

Not only have you built a bridge of love, but you were able to share how important that person is to you and in your life. On an energetic level, they will know.

Angel Blessings to you!


PS As I'm just finishing here, it's now 3:38, another sign from Dad :). 

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