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Today I pulled a card from the Angel Therapy* deck. I love Angel Therapy – that’s why I became an Angel Therapy Practitioner® under Doreen Virtue’s training. I have loved working with the Angels for many years.


I had the intention that this card have a message for everyone who reads this, whether it’s the first day it’s out on my website or 4 years from now. When I first drew this card, my mind went to John Edward, John Holland, Jamie Clark, all of who are well known mediums. Some of you may have heard of the Long Island Medium TV show. Yes, there are many people who demonstrate mediumship on TV or radio or in large crowds.


What meaning does this card have for you?


The Angels are letting you know your Loved Ones are sending you signs throughout your day. You are the medium, receiving messages from your Loved Ones.


Are you noticing any of your Loved Ones who have passed? If you haven’t been paying any attention, that may be why you haven’t noticed any.


Today, right now, ask a Loved One if they would send you a sign. You don’t have to be specific as in ‘show me a sign of a penny, shiny and new, face up in front of my car door’. You can think or say ‘please send me a sign – thank you’. Then be on the lookout.


When you notice any signs, say thank you, please send me another.


Signs can be in the music you hear, the clouds you see or feeling your beloved pet jumping up on the bed with you. Maybe you’ll smell a specific flower or see a rainbow or butterfly.


There are as many signs as there are people. They will be unique to you and your Loved One.


This card came up for a reason – so if you’re reading this, your Loved Ones are sending you signs you may not be noticing. Pay attention…


Angel Blessings to you,



Empowerment 4 You LLC



If you want to read Signs From Your Loved Ones, it’s available in paperback or the Kindle version. I wrote this book because my Loved Ones wanted me to share about so many possible signs that others may not be aware of.



*Oracle deck created by Doreen Virtue