This is the last blog of 2019 — a year and a decade. It is a time of remembering, a time of letting go and a time of looking forward to what is coming. I feel the excitement coming and nostalgic all at the same time.

There is so much, each of us as individuals, is transitioning through, transforming, and expanding which helps us collectively move through things as well. I know there are also those who are transitioning, fully to spirit, which may be difficult for those who remain in the physical. Knowing they are still with us in our hearts helps us with their transition.

There is so much to be grateful for this last year and decade and so much each and every day. Let’s see what the Angels have to share with us.

Message From the Angels 123019

Dear Ones,

Transitioning is evolving. As you transition you are evolving and expanding into the new you, the new now. Each moment is now and as you step into who you are now, you are moving from who you were and into who you are — for now. Each moment, each day, each year, and each decade you are ever expanding. You are not who you were a decade ago nor are you who you were even a moment ago.

What will you do with this moment? What will you do with your now? It is up to you how to continue growing and expanding.

As you move from year to year, take with you what feeds your heart and soul and leave behind what no longer serves you. Step into your becoming with courage and boldness. We support you in this. We are excited for your ever expanding.

You are a spiritual being. Deep within you feel that light, the Divine spark you are. Allow that to be nurtured in all you do, ever expanding. We see who you truly are. We know who you truly are. Allow yourself to see, feel, and know this as well.

We are here to support you in all you do. All you need do is ask. We love you.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

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