Dear Ones,

Today we speak of listening.

  • Listen to the whispers from your soul.
  • Listen to the beating of your heart.
  • Listen to the sounds around you.
  • Listen to the breezes and winds of the universe.
  • Listen to the chatter of your Angels and Spirit Guides.
  • Listen to the words in the wind.
  • Listen to the sound of the animals.

Each one of these is available to you. One may be more pronounced than another. Listen more intently.

If you feel you are not hearing, ask that the channel be cleared away of any debris. Clear your energy of what no longer serves you. Then ask that the volume be intensified — longer, more often, louder.

It is most beneficial for you to listen to what is being shared.

We will assist in any way we can, to help you recognize the possibilities before you, seen and unseen. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

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