Dear Ones,

Today we wish to speak of gratitude.

Gratitude is a feeling that should not be limited to only one day a year. It is a feeling that you should allow yourself to feel on a regular basis.

To some of you, gratitude is a feeling that when you feel it, it fills your heart to so full that your eyes water. To some gratitude may feel as though your heart is expanding. To some of you, gratitude may feel as though there is a smile on your face that will not go away.

We want these feelings to be a part of your every day. Acknowledging people and nature and things going on around you, is what brings it more into your awareness.

Noticing the blue skies or the clouds or nature or the people or the animals, to name just a few, you come in contact with. Notice each for the uniqueness they are or for the joy they bring into your day. Notice the feeling of gratitude that wells up in your heart and soul.

Moments fly by so quickly. Take a moment to allow yourself to feel how grateful you are for those that are in your life. Focus in and allow yourself to savor these moments. This action helps these fleeting moments to slow down.

We are here to assist in any way we can. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


Empowerment 4 You LLC