Dear Ones,

Today we wish to speak of listening for our whispers.

Many of you, when you start inviting us into your day, are looking for us to come in with a big bang or a billboard sign. We do that as well, but mostly we come into your lives in the subtleties or the whispers.

Some of our whispers may come as a:

  • gentle breeze of the wind — picking up or slowing down, ever so slightly
  • the scent of a flower you haven’t smelled in a long time
  • a falling leaf, floating from side to side, as if it’s being orchestrated that way
  • a feather along your path
  • sparkles you may catch out of the corner of your eye

Notice these. These are not your imagination, as some may say. These are our whispers.

We are here to assist in any way we can. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


Empowerment 4 You LLC