As I'm sitting in the backyard writing this blog, I notice the slight scent of lilacs. I love lilac bushes. I had them on every corner of my house in Madison. I could have any window in the house open and still be able to smell them. Ahhh.


I get myself situated with my feet in the sun and the rest of me comfortably in the shade. I have my feet propped on another chair which is very nice <sigh>. My water is beside me getting the shade it needs.


An ever so slight waft of the wonderful smell of lilacs once I get myself all situated. I had just noticed the other day there are three lilac bushes of varying sizes in my neighbors backyard. And they are all the deep purple that I enjoy so much.


Next time you are outside, notice what scents and smells you notice. Hopefully they will all be wonderful.


Did you know your Loved Ones send you scents sometimes? 


Yes, they do! If you notice the scent of a flower and you know there are no flowers around, ask the question 'who does this remind me of?' 


If you notice the wonderful aroma of one of your Loved Ones famous meals and you know it's not coming from the restaurant next door, you'll know it's your Loved One letting you know they're thinking of you and the times you enjoyed the meal together.


Signs from your Loved Ones are often very subtle and you have to be present to notice.


Angel Blessings to you,



Empowerment 4 You LLC


PS I didn't want to climb the fence to take a picture…