Steady Progress card

We all like to hear this every once in a while – steady progress – what we are doing is making a difference. It’s nice to know that what we create with others or alone is moving forward.


Each day we are planting seeds. Some of you may know this about me, some may not, but I have a nickname (which I believe was my name in a past Native American life) of Little Seedling. It is very fitting for me as I have always been one to plant seeds.


Sometimes the seeds sprout quickly and other times there is slow progress. As I was so gently reminded a couple of days ago was you need to nurture the seeds. Do they need watering or feeding or other types of nourishment – you’ll know.


It’s not any different than setting your goals and plans and then doing something to move toward them each month, each week, each day.


What or who are the seeds in your life? Is the progress going too slow for you or is it really steady progress. Are you taking care of the seeds you have planted?


I’m attaching a couple of videos you will like. This one is watching the growth of bamboo from 3 weeks into 1 minute. I love this type of video. You can see how it really grows – very quickly.


The other is a beautiful and very telling story. It really is the steady progress that is happening behind the scenes. It’s a wonderful reminder that there may be things going on that we are unaware of. Continue to nurture, continue to take care of the seeds you have planted and have faith and believe in what you are doing.


Plant your seeds and have faith there is steady progress going on, whether you can see it or not.


Angel Blessings to you



Empowerment 4 You LLC


*Steady Progress is a card from the Saints & Angels deck, created by Doreen Virtue