Howdy Peeps!

Do you ever feel like you're in a rut, doing the same thing day in and day out? I'm sure you've all heard the saying: same stuff, different day. 

What can you do to get yourself out of it? Try something new, something different! Look at things from a different perspective.

That sounds like too easy of an answer and sometimes, it is that easy. But I thought I'd give you some ideas. So here's my wide-ranged list:

  • Drive to work a different way
  • Eat something you've never eaten before
  • Eat your favorite food – blindfolded with no utensils and your hands behind your back 🙂
  • Take a day-road trip and go somewhere you haven't been before but have wanted to
  • Try a new sport or exercise
  • Draw a picture with crayons
  • Paint a picture with your non-dominant hand
  • Call someone you don't know very well and ask them to go for a walk to get to know them
  • Clean out a closet (or start with something small like that junk drawer)
  • Invite some friends over and play truth or dare
  • Walk around the block, backwards or sideways
  • Look at something you've looked at 100s of times upside down
  • Ask the Angels

Another thing to get out of a rut – do something for another. It could be someone you know or not. Turning your focus on another is a good way to move through it also. 

I did write a blog called Acts of Kindness which is about doing things for another, but what I'm talking about is volunteer work. There are plenty of places in your own community to volunteer. There is probably something you could even do for one of your neighbors. But if you don't know where to even start, here is a  link:

And one last idea to get you out of a rut – something I've talked about in several past blogs – start a gratitude journal. Find a nice journal, or make one, and every morning or every night list several things in your life you are grateful for. Keep adding to it every day. It will make a difference.

I'm sure you have some of your own sure fire ways that help get you out of a rut. Why don't you add your comments below about what you do. Or you can post them on Facebook! Who knows, your idea may help another get out of their rut!

Angel Blessings to you.