I asked the Angels, please come up with the topic of today’s blog. Within minutes (under 3) the sky caught my eye. I saw a Unicorn dancing in the pinks of the sky. 


I ran to get my phone to snap a picture and as soon as I’m getting ready to take it, the Unicorn turns golden. After I’ve taken several pictures and am looking through them, I see the star the Unicorn is chasing across the sky.


Unicorns are such magical creatures. 

  • They can inspire us to take the next step, the next action step in our life.
  • They are playful and can remind us to use our imaginations and have play time built into our day.
  • They help remind us we have a creative side and anything is possible.

The Angels, along with the magical Unicorns were working overtime. And I believe my mom was in on it as well.


I was glancing through the Magical Unicorn deck* of cards to see if there were any of the messages that popped out at me. Will you take a look at the Wish Upon a Star card? Isn’t that identical to the picture I just took?


So, the Angels guided me to look out the window to see the golden, pink Unicorn dancing playfully with the star. And when I picked up my phone to take the picture of the card, my mom’s birthday was the time displaying on the phone. Thank you Angels, thank you Unicorns, thank you Mom!


Look around you. If you get the nudge to look out the window, do it. If you’re drawn (pun intended) to draw a card, follow the guidance. And watch for the Signs From Your Loved Ones – hey, that's the book I wrote. 🙂


The Angels and the magical Unicorns remind us to Wish Upon a Star, have some playtime, be creative, use your imagination and always, follow your intuition and the guidance from your Angels. 


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC


* This deck created by Doreen Virtue