Today’s blog is inspired by Archangel Gabriel. I was flipping through The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel book* and landed on the heading Writing Careers


It was actually quite funny because yesterday I received an email from someone in reply to one of my blogs. She pointed out, in a not very nice way, that I had made an error. I do appreciate it when someone tells me I have a typo or have a mistake of some kind but I don’t appreciate being told “I’m sloppy and less than literate.” That just wasn’t nice.


When I first read it, I was a little upset. I realized that being upset was mine to own and she has every right to say how she feels. I let it go, with the assistance of the Angels and Divine Spirit. I feel another part of her message to me is to pay attention to how I deliver messages to others – maybe I need to soften them a bit.


Why I think this is funny (thank you for the humor Archangel Gabriel!) is because how many of us allow others to influence us into feeling:

  • you are doing it wrong
  • you are not good enough
  • you don’t have the talent
  • you don’t know what you’re talking about
  • you will never become…

I started thinking about the other comments she made (yes, there were more) and I realized she just needs some love from the Angels. What she is saying about me is none of my business. I appreciated that someone told me of the error, which I fixed as soon as I finished reading her message. We all make mistakes.


We have come here to learn and I appreciated all of her comments. I may not always be perfect in how I write, but I believe the Angels are always with me sharing a message. I hope she got the message beyond the mistake she saw. The message was the important piece. 


Ask the Angels to assist you in all you do. 

  • There is no right or wrong!
  • You are good enough!
  • You do have talent!
  • You have something to say!
  • You will become…!

Angel Blessings to you,



Empowerment 4 You LLC


*Doreen Virtue is the author of The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel book* & both decks of cards used for the picture – Archangel Oracle deck and Life Purpose deck.