I was recently at a fair in Scottsdale doing readings. One of the cards which came up at least three times throughout the day was Breathe.


You may be thinking we just breathe automatically, without even thinking. That is true. There is air going in and out and we really don’t need to give it a thought. 


Well, except, those times when you may be a bit stressed or you may have a lot of things on your mind or you may be getting ready to head out for the weekend or you may be getting reading to head to work or… Do you get the idea?


We breathe, yes. Pay attention to your breathing. Do you take in deep breaths and actually expel all of the air that is in your lungs? Do you take short breaths almost as if you’re panting?


It came up at the fair and it had come as a realization for me as I was preparing to head down to the valley that I wasn’t breathing. I was rushing around packing things up and realized I was taking very short breaths.


And as soon as I sat down to write today’s blog, breathe, breathing, was my first thought.


The Angels, your Angels, my Angels are wanting us to pay attention to our breathing. When you notice you are not taking full and deep breaths, start doing so. You may be surprised at how many times in a day you are not taking full and deep breaths.


When we breathe in, we breathe in life, the love of the Universe, and when we breathe out our body may release toxins and things we no longer need to hold onto.


~ Breathe ~ Breathe ~ Breathe ~ Breathe ~ Breathe ~


Angel Blessings to you.



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