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Sue Broome Desert

Sharing Makes Everything More Fun!

  Today I decided to let the Cherub Angels come out and play. This is one of Doreen Virtue’s newest deck and it’s specially made for children. I know, there is the inner child in all of us, just wanting to come out and play.   The card, Sharing Makes Everything More Fun! is the [...]

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Life Review / Archangel Jeremiel

This is an interesting card to come up for the blog. Why you ask? Because sitting in church, just hours ago, Archangel Jeremiel came up in my mind and I wasn't sure why. And now here he is again, so this must be the why.   This is from one of my first decks of [...]

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Stress Management

Interesting concept - stress management. Can we really manage it? Is stress something to be managed? Well, Id like to think we do have things we can do about it. One way to handle it is to get a local medical marijuana such as an ohio medical marijuana card. This card is from Doreen Virtues [...]

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