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Have you ever noticed that you can be in a room full of people and feel like you are totally alone?


As you look around the room you see groupings of people. You may even interact with them but you don’t truly feel a part of any of the groupings. You put on the ‘social’ hat and answer any questions and even ask a few but feel deep down as if you’re in a dream or another dimension of some sort.


You tell yourself it’s OK to leave and yet you stay. There’s a part of you that knows it’s better for you right in this moment to be a part of the group even though there’s another part of you, a larger part that feels like it just wants to go sit and be with yourself.


Being alone and feeling alone are not the same thing at all. Being alone is what we sometimes would like and really need to do. Feeling alone is not always a comfortable spot to be in.


Alone – we are NEVER truly alone as your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones and our Star Being Family are with us – ALWAYS!


It doesn’t happen to me very often and I generally will recognize it when it’s happening. For me personally, I believe the Angels surround me so much that even when I don’t know (or don’t want to) ask for help, they know how to help me.


This is what they told me yesterday morning in a channel writing I was doing for myself:


As you did just before you got yourself ready to type, you requested an MBO. Yes, these are very beneficial for all that you do. They open the floodgates of what is available to you. The allow for you to receive. 


There are days dear one where you are quite closed off. You 'think' you are open and available to receive and yet you are not.


The blue bubble does have more holes in it than it had in the past. This is from 'allowing' the love to come through. This is important for you to do this. It allows the flow to happen.


The ‘blue bubble’ they are referring to is a form of protection I have surrounded myself with. Sometimes that protective shield is so thick it doesn’t allow anything through.


The message for ALL of us – allow love to flow –

which means it flows in and it flows out. 


Angel Blessings to you,



Empowerment 4 You LLC


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