heartWhether you live in the US and are celebrating Thanksgiving this week or not, it’s wonderful to celebrate being thankful. There is always something to be grateful for. And I bet once you start looking and thinking of what you’re grateful for, you’ll discover so many more things than you realized.

This year has been full of changes for me, the biggest being moving from Wisconsin to Arizona. At the beginning of the year I had no idea I would be moving. Looking back over this year I have so many wonderful blessings to be grateful for.


Thank you for all of the friends and family in my life. Thank you for being here to support me in the transition from WI to AZ , for the time before the move and during the move. And now for the time once I have arrived, and for everything in between.


I am grateful for having you in my life.


Thank you for Wisconsin. There are so many wonderful things you don’t even realize are right in front of you until they aren’t there any more.


I am grateful for having lived in Wisconsin for so many years of my life. I am grateful for all of the wonderful experiences I shared in Wisconsin.


Thank you for Arizona. Thank you for welcoming me into the sun and the warmth and the new friends and experiences. Thank you for the new adventures I’m having each week.


I am grateful for the transition to Arizona.


Thank you God, thank you Angels and Ascended Masters, thank you Loved Ones in my life, for being with me every step of the way and for guiding me on my way.


I am grateful for you being in my life.


Be grateful for who is in your life.


Angel Blessings to you.



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