Today’s blog is a little different than the norm. It was clear today while doing the weekly Angel Card reading that the theme right now is about clearing energy — your own, mentally and spiritually, and the space you are in, your physical space.

I decided to pull on some past blogs from the Angels on this exact topic. The link to each of the full blogs is listed as well if you wanted to view.


Blog: Angels, Please Clear The Energy

Whenever you are heading out to dinner, to a movie, to the office, to drive in lots of traffic, call on the Angels to clear the energy and to clear a path for you. You can say something like this:

Angels, Angels everywhere
Please clear away any toxic and lower vibrational energies
Please clear away what has been released and transmute it to love
Please continue the clearing process throughout my visit
Please keep the energy clear, loving, full of light and healing throughout
Thank you Angels

Blog: Shift Negative Energy

Angels, Angels everywhere! Please clear my aura of any energy that is of a lower vibration.
Please clear away energy that is not mine, that does not serve me.
Let the lower vibration energy be transmuted
to love and let this be for the highest good of all.
Thank you Angels. 

Blog: Message From the Angels 91321

The more clear your energy is, the easier it is to fill with Divine Love. The more clear your energy is, the easier it is to maintain peace, calm, a space of being centered, a feeling of being loved and being love, in your life.

Blog: Message From the Angels 22822

To release what no longer serves you, set the intention to clear all that no longer serves you.

Keep in mind some of what does not serve you may not be yours in the first place. If there is residual energy from others — it is not your responsibility to take it on.

After you have set the intention, here are a few ideas you can use. Choose which fits you today. Tomorrow choose another. Some days you may want to do multiple options or the same one several times.

    • Visualize a waterfall choosing whatever color you would like, gently washing over you, as you walk through. Do multiple times with different colors if you’d like.
    • Imagine a gentle breeze, moving your hair, blowing away old energy.
    • Hum a tone of your choosing. Do the same tone for several moments or change the tone if you’d like.
    • Bask in the sun and nature [if unable to physically be out, visualize it.] Allow the sunshine and fresh air to release.

Last — have gratitude for all you have released and fill with Divine Love.

Blog: Message From the Angels 72621

Once you have cleared your energy and released what no longer serves you, filling up with Divine love is the icing on the cake. This is no different than if you are doing a cleanse with your physical body. You release toxins and then fill up with nutrient-dense nourishment.

Divine love is the nutrient-dense nourishment that your heart and soul long for. It also makes the next evolution of releasing go so much smoother.

Here is an example of what you may do:

    • Feel Divine love in your heart.
    • Taking several deep breaths, imagine and see this Divine love grow with each breath.
    • Allow it to grow until it has filled every cell of your body.
    • Allow it to grow even more until it has filled out to the furthest reaches of your aura.
    • Smile and feel each and every cell smile with you.

~ Your Angels ~

I hope you have enjoyed these wonderful ideas from the Angels. Clear your energy and your space as often as you feel. Fill with Divine Love. Each time, you are raising your vibration.

Our Angels are always here to assist us. All we need do is ask.

Angel Blessings to you.


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