amethystIf you are reading this the day it posts, I’ll be heading home from Tucson. Some of you may know this is the time of the more popular winter gem show going on in Tucson, so I may have visited a few gem shops. 🙂


Something I know about myself, is that when I am heading to a heavy populated area such as this, I ask the Angels to clear the energy. Generally I will call on them to clear the lower energies out before I get there and with so many people, I asked over a week ago.


If you aren’t familiar with why you would want the energy cleared, I’ll share a couple of ideas.


I’m sure you’ve heard the comment, ‘you could cut the tension with a knife’. It refers to the mood of the room. Maybe there was an argument or disagreement in the room before you walk in but you can still feel the tension when you walk in.


Another analogy has to do with washing your dishes. The more dishes you wash, if you don’t change your water, it gets dirtier and dirtier.


Well, the air is the same way. The more people you have coming into an area, the more stuff they bring. When the people leave to go home, I’m sure they feel great because of the wonderful healing energy of the crystals they bought. But their old energy is left behind and gets stagnant unless cleared away.


Yes, I did say the crystals have wonderful healing properties and do clear the energy. But with the amount of people, I like to call on the Angels for assistance. I know it helps me in the long run as well.


Whenever you are heading out to dinner, to a movie, to the office, to drive in lots of traffic, call on the Angels to clear the energy and to clear a path for you. You can say something like this:


Angels, Angels everywhere

Please clear away any toxic and lower vibrational energies

Please clear away what has been released and transmute it to love

Please continue the clearing process throughout my visit 

Please keep the energy clear, loving, full of light and healing throughout

Thank you Angels


If you’d like to call on a specific Angel, you most certainly can. Archangel Michael is great at clearing energy.


Tell me in the comments area below what you notice differently when you go out and clear the energy versus when you do not.


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You


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