Beautiful Arizona sunset with hues of Angelic color
Sue Broome Desert

All Moved In

Am I glad the actual move is finished. Of course now all the unpacking and figuring out where everything goes has begun. And with that deciding what really doesn't fit, what else needs to be thinned out and what things I'm now wondering 'what was I thinking when I packed this?' Moving is a wonderful time to clear out [...]

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Crystal Anyone?

  Ah yes. This is just a small example of one of the crystals I saw while at the Tucson Gem show.   This is a Smokey Quartz and as you can see it’s quite large. Smokey Quartz is great for clearing energy also. Hmm, maybe I needed it right about then. :)   There [...]

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Clear the Clutter

Howdy Peeps! A friend asked if I wanted to help with her garage sale. Sure, can I bring a few things I asked? Well, once I got going (and I'm still going :)) and got in a groove, it really started adding up. It seems like Spring is a great time to clear out the [...]

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