Today’s blog is portions of several past blogs on transformation. Enjoy!

Transitioning is evolving. As you transition you are evolving and expanding into the new you, the new now. Each moment is now and as you step into who you are now, you are moving from who you were and into who you are — for now. Each moment, each day, each year, and each decade you are ever expanding. You are not who you were a decade ago nor are you who you were even a moment ago.

What will you do with this moment? What will you do with your now? It is up to you how to continue growing and expanding. 

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Words of wisdom from the Angels on what you can do when you are going through a transition of any kind.

Here’s how we can help:

    • find a quiet location where you won’t be interrupted for a few moments
    • see yourself an hour, a day, a week from now as you would like to be
    • add details into this vision of yourself – what you’re seeing, hearing, who is with you
    • feel what that feels like, feel the joy or happiness
    • allow the joy to fill your entire being
    • hold this feeling as long as you would like

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Many times, as we grow and evolve, we forget how powerful our breath is. The Angels remind us.

We ask you to breathe. As you breathe in, imagine the air coming into your body, into your cells, is light. You feel lighter as the air comes in as well. And as you exhale you feel a dense-ness leaving your body. It may feel as if a cloud has just been lifted off of your head or your chest or even surrounding your entire body. Breathe in the light of the Divine. Breathe in the lightness and love. Breathe out the heaviness of what isn’t you and breathe out what is not your responsibility to take on.

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There is a transformation of the mind and spirit we would like to assist you with.

    • Close your eyes and get yourself into a comfortable position and take several deep breaths.
    • Imagine you are a butterfly who has just emerged into this world.
    • You look around and you see many bright colors and new things all around you.
    • You notice the warmth of the sun on your wings and you move them realizing how wonderful and light they feel.
    • The world appears so beautiful and you want to explore.
    • You take flight for the first time and are amazed at how graceful it feels, flying. There’s such a lightness to it all.
    • You go from one brightly colored, wonderful smelling flower on to the next and the next. Each one seems brighter and more fragrant than the last.
    • You notice a breeze every now and then that carries you easily.
    • Stay in this state as long as you like.
    • When you are ready, open your eyes.

What a wondrous world you live in. Everything is fresh and new, bright and full of life.

 Allow yourself this visualization as often as you would like. Today be a butterfly tomorrow be something else. You will go through mini transformations each time.

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~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.