flowersHowdy Peeps!

Today's blog is from the 3 Light Beings of the Emissaries. Enjoy!

Look at love as a seed. Seeds can be planted. Seeds grow into something whether it be a plant or a flower or a tree or food for the future.

When you plant the seeds, you never know what will come of it, but you trust, you water, you nurture, you give food and you accept that a plant will grow. Sometimes you know the seed you planted, but in life you don't always know which seeds they are, other than seeds of caring, of love. And you nurture them along the way.

As they grow, you have faith and trust they will flourish. And if they breathe their scent on another and you don't experience their beauty again, it is OK because you know they are spreading the beauty and the love on others.

And the cycle continues.

If there was someone you didn't care for, would you not plant seeds of love anyway?

Go forth and plant your seeds of love. Let the wind carry the scent of the flowers to those who are willing to accept and receive. If it falls on deaf ears, eyes or nose, that is their choice as everyone always has a choice.

What seeds of love can you plant?

  • be kind to another
  • speak of positive things
  • offer words of encouragement
  • when another is hurting, offer a shoulder
  • sit with them without saying a word
  • share your chocolate 🙂
  • bring flowers for everyone to enjoy the beauty and the scent
  • smile at another

What ways have you planted your seeds of love today?

That is all!

Angel Blessings to you. Thank you 3 Light Beings of the Emissaries.


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