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As you may remember, Targaan and his friends would go to the Queen's mother's room to play… If you missed the first part of the story, it is The Adventures of Targaan and Friends.

One morning, as they were playing the hiding game, they discovered it was also a lot of fun to play dress up with her things. She had many beautiful silk scarves that the children could easily wrap themselves in. They felt so smooth, so wonderful against their skin. The scarves were large enough they could wrap themselves up so they were unrecognizable to each other. This of course led to another game where they would each take a scarf, wrap themselves all the way up and see if they could discover who was who.

This went on for the several weeks that the Queen’s mother was visiting. They were always very careful to put everything back so no one knew they had been playing.

Soon it was time for the Queen’s mother to be on her way and to travel back to her far away land. Targaan and the other children were going to miss the fun they had playing, hide in her belongings, dress up and guess who I am. But they also had some very good memories that were now all a part of them.

After the Queen’s mother had left, the children needed to come up with new games. They had played plenty of others in the past, but they had outgrown them. They were little kid games and they were getting too old for those. 

Two of the children were twins, 9-years old, three of them 10 (one being Targaan) and the oldest 11, soon to be 12.

There were tall bushes out just past the courtyard. They were all taller than even the tallest of the children. They must have been at least 12’ tall. They decided to go on an adventure into these tall bushes. They had seen them for many years but never knew how many there were or what was on the other side of them.

They knew this was going to be a fun adventure and were excited. They had never been told anything about these bushes by their parents which was kind of curious. And then one of the children, Alexia, said she remembered a story. It was a long while ago, maybe when she was 6 (she was 11 now) but she remembers somebody talking about just beyond the courtyard and into the tree like bushes there’s a magical space. She didn’t hear the whole story, but she thought she heard the word Fairy. And she had no idea what a Fairy was but she thought it was like a person, but different.

Other parts of the story came from a conversation she overheard and this is what they were saying: “There are magical things that happen to the plants and animals. They have a glow about them, as if they have a candle burning within them. And soft music, soothing music playing, which seems to have no beginning and no end and doesn’t appear to be coming from anything, it just is. The music almost lures you in.”


Angel Blessings to you. Next blog you'll find out if the children go int the tree like bushes…




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