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Remember last time, Targaan and his friends needed a new adventure and Alexia had heard about a Fairy… If you missed the first 2 blogs, they are:
The adults talking didn’t appear to be frightened, they just knew there were things that happened there that didn’t happen anywhere else.
She always wanted to see what it was all about but she knew it would not be something she could or should do alone. So she was getting quite excited about this new adventure.
The next morning all of the children awoke very early in the morning. They rushed through breakfast and also snuck some extra food in their pockets for later. Alexia also thought maybe the Fairy would be hungry, though she still really didn’t know what a Fairy was.
They all met in the courtyard, waved to any adults they saw and when they felt no one was looking, they ran for the tree like bushes. As they got closer, they discovered there was an opening they could easily walk through. They didn’t have to push their way in between 2 of the tree like bushes.
As soon as they were a step or two in, they realized there was a different feel that came over them. It was much more hushed. They could still hear animal sounds, in fact, they could hear them better. But there was also a soft blanket enveloping them in the safety of the tree like bushes.
There was a path in front of them, a bit overgrown, but still quite easy to follow. So they started on the path. It wasn’t 5 or 6 steps down the path when they could hear the music. It was as if the sound was coming from in front of them, from beside them and even from behind where they had just come from. It was a nice and pleasant sound. It added to the feeling of having a soft blanket enveloping them in safety.
They followed the path which seemed to have lots of turns, back and forth. It was easy to follow though because there really was only one way to go. This was good because Targaan had thought about different ways to remember which way they went if they had to make a decision of left or right. So this was all good.
Along the path, sparkles of light would catch their eye, but when they would look for it, nothing was there. This was turning out to be yet another game. Who could spot the sparkle. And when they did, they’d tell the others and they would all stop, and at the very same second all turn toward the sparkle to see if they could see it. 
This was so much fun. They would all laugh and giggle. No one ever ‘saw’ the sparkle full on, but each was able to spot sparkles along the way.
They walked for at least an hour, following the path, playing ‘spot the sparkle’ and then they came to a clearing, which was also the end of the path. 
It was a large area and there was even a spot in the center where people who had been there before had built fires.
Around the fire area, there were rocks and beautiful crystals outlining it and just the rocks and crystals were tree stumps cut in the form of chairs. These were the perfect size for the children and there were the exact number, one for each of the 6 of them.
They all thought it was so perfect! They all sat down in a chair stump and showed the others what they each had brought with them. Mostly food but Stunlo, one of the twins also brought something else.
Just the day before, he had overheard someone in the market. They were selling small bags that appeared to have sand in them. The only reason he and his brother, Phan, were listening was because the bag sparkled, so it had caught their eye. And, the two people talking were whispering (which of course made it intriguing) but they thought they heard the words: Fairy dust. So they knew they had to get some and bring it today on their adventure.
They talked to the person with the ‘Fairy dust’ and asked if they could have some. The market owner laughed and then brought his head down to their level and asked ‘do you know what Fairy dust is?’ and they both shook their heads no. The market owner brought his head even closer to them and whispered, it’s magical. He reached in his pocket and gave them each a very small, beautiful silk bag and inside was something that looked like sand. 
He brought his head even closer, and barely a whisper, said, ‘when the time is right, you’ll know what needs to be done.’
Stunlo and Phan looked at each other, very excited and when they looked back at the market owner, he was gone.
Angel Blessings to you. Next blog will have more about the Fairy dust…
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