FairyHowdy Peeps!

Last time we left off with Targaan and his friends had been spotting the sparkles along the path and had heard about Fairy dust… In case you missed the previous blogs with Targaan and friends, they were:
The time feels right, just like the market owner said. The time is right to show the others what they had brought. They didn’t yet understand what they were to do with this Fairy dust but they knew they were to show the others.
They passed the small, beautiful silk bags around so all could touch them and see inside. They all loved the feel of the silk bags as it reminded them of the game they had played with the Queen’s mother’s scarves. They were curious about the sand-like substance that was called Fairy dust. 
Once the bags were returned to Stunlo and Phan, they set their bags in front of them, near a crystal. It was as if the crystal was calling the silk bag of Fairy dust to it.
While they were sitting in their new found chairs, they listened to the soft music and Luunar and Tika (they were cousins) wanted to share a new game. It was one they played with their baby sister but it was for older kids and adults too.
Everyone would close their eyes. After everyone had their eyes closed, Luunar would imagine herself walking around the group, without leaving her chair. She would imagine walking quietly around and stand behind another and gently touch that person on the shoulder, all within her imagination.
What everyone else was to do, was imagine Luunar doing this, and see if they could tell where Luunar stopped, and also if anyone felt her touch their shoulder.
So Luunar imagined she was walking quietly around the circle. She was tip toeing, listening to the beautiful music that was still playing. She walked around the circle in her imagination a couple of times. She finally decided to stop behind Alexia. So in her imagination, she stopped behind Alexia, and reached out and gently touched her shoulder and then remained very still.
Once she did that, Luunar waited for a minute, to see if anyone would notice. And Tika, since she had played the game before, did. She said she knows but didn’t say any more because she knew the others were newer to the game and wanted them to discover as well. And the game is, that everyone will 'know’ before the game is over.
One by one, they each realized ‘they knew’ and said so. The twins said it almost simultaneously. And once everyone had said they knew, it was time to open their eyes and share what happened.
It was fun to explain what they had each noticed and felt. They all said it was as if they could feel a soft wind as Luunar, in her imagination, walked past them and around the circle. The other thing they all seemed to also notice was the silk bags had a sparkle coming from them. And, the tree like bushes surrounding them were starting to glow.
They all shared they felt it was Alexia who Luunar had touched. And Alexia said she felt as if a feather had landed on her left shoulder. Luunar clapped with excitement because that’s exactly as she had imagined it.
What a fun new game. So they each took turns and were able to play the one who walked around the circle and touched another, all with their imaginations.
Angel Blessings to you. Come back next time to see if Targaan and his friends meet anyone new.
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