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Last time we left off with Targaan and his friends playing the imagination game… In case you missed the previous blogs with Targaan and friends, they were:


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The longer they played the game, the more the bags of Fairy dust sparkled and the more the plants and trees and bushes around them started to glow. They saw some squirrels, some chipmunks and lots of birds which all seemed to have a special glow about them as well. 


This really was a magical place.


They decided to snack on the food they each had brought. They all shared their yummy morsels with each other. As they were passing around their snacks, they all noticed that there was a warm feeling glow coming from the fire area. It felt warm as if there was a fire burning inside. And there was a crackling noise coming from the fire area though they couldn’t see a fire. This was perfect as there was a slight chill to the air.


Alexia had brought some water for everyone to share as well.


Just as they were finishing the delicious cake that Tika had brought, they all started noticing more and more spots of sparkles coming from the trees and bushes around them. They cleaned up the last of the crumbs and decided to explore.


They hadn’t taken 2 steps out of their chairs when they all saw, what appeared to be very small person, with wings. The wings were more similar to a dragonfly then a bird or butterfly. And you could almost see through them and there were sparkles all throughout the wings.


They all stopped and stared in awe and amazement. Phan broke the silence with ‘who are you and why are you so small?’.


I am a Fairy. Fairies are meant to be small. We watch over the plants and the animals to help them grow.


Tika said the twins have some Fairy dust but no one knew what to do with it. The Fairy said she knew and she had been energizing it since Stunlo and Phan first shared they had it. And the more the children shared their food with each other and were playing their imagination game, the more energized the Fairy dust became.


She said the sharing and imagination makes it magical.


The children realized they were helping make the Fairy dust magical and didn’t even realize it. All they had to do was have fun and be themselves.


Once the children realized this, they heard giggles coming from just beyond the tree like bushes. It was more Fairies, watching over the animals and plant life.


It was getting late and the children told the Fairy they had to go, but they would be back. They thanked the Fairy for energizing the Fairy dust. She said ‘you did it all on your own’.


The children followed the path they had come and returned to the castle. The Fairy stayed with them almost all the way to the end of the path and then she turned around, giggled and flew away. As she disappeared, the music faded away too. 


They could start to hear the noises around the courtyard and the hushed noise was now a memory. What an exciting day and look at all they had learned.


Angel Blessings to you.




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