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There are so many life lessons that Targaan and his friends shared with us. Children have a way of bringing those up for us and many times we aren't even aware of it. This story was no exception.

As you think back on the story, the life lessons started at the beginning, almost right away and kept right on. I'm sure there are many Merlin did not share with me and I wasn't able to see either, so please add a comment on any additional golden nuggets you unearthed.

  • Spend time with people you enjoy
  • Have fun with what you do
  • Be prepared (isn't that Boy Scouts?) but enjoy the path as it unfolds
  • Live the moments and enjoy the memories each creates
  • Spot the sparkles in your life (there is joy all around us)
  • Have an open mind for what lies before you
  • Trust in the unseen 
  • Trust and follow the steps which are in front of you, the ones you feel or know are right
  • Explore with your imagination
  • Be yourself
  • Being in the moment may have a magical effect on things around you (you included) 🙂
  • Follow your inner guidance
  • We are no better or worse than another because of where we come from
  • Share what you have to offer with friends and others
  • Things may not be as they initially appear

Several questions also come to mind. These may take some quiet time or some journalling. Maybe find a spot beyond the castle courtyard to jot some notes…

  1. Are there people in your life who only show up when they need/want something? What are you getting from these relationships?
  2. Are there drama-filled people in your life? Do you get pulled into the drama or are you able to be an observer?
  3. Do you expect others to spend time with you (or do things) just for formalitysake?
  4. Do you use your imagination on a daily basis?
  5. Do you have an idea of where the children were, when they were at the center of the path, when they saw the Fairy?

These are definitely thought provoking. It is amazing that 6 small children are so wise and have so much to teach us.

In case you need to refresh your memory and go back to read any of the sections of the story, here are the links:

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Angel Blessings to you.