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Sue Broome Desert

Inspire Creativity

I wanted to do a blog on Inspiration and realized I had done one a couple of years ago - you may want to go back and check it out.   I still wanted to write about inspiration and thought, how do I use inspiration and what do I use it for the most. Creating [...]

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  Are you currently living your passion? Do you have passion throughout your day for the things you are doing? Maybe it’s been so long since you’ve had passion you simply don’t know what it even feels like any more.   If you don’t remember - it’s time! Yes, it’s time to get back to [...]

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Questions to Contemplate

Today's blog is going to be questions for you! These may be questions you've already asked yourself and some may be ones you hadn't thought of.   Find some time and a quiet space where you can sit and contemplate, meditate and journal about the questions. You don't have to share them with anyone, they are [...]

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Feel the Vibrations

Feel the vibrations. Feel what the energy around and within your body are doing and telling you. Don’t ‘think’ too much about it - feel into it.   Close your eyes and go through these questions: Do you feel your heartbeat? Do you feel a tickle at the back of your head? Is there a [...]

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Make Believe

We’ve all used make believe in our lives at one time or another. Maybe it’s been a long time since you’ve thought about it, but when we were kids we used it all the time. I’m sure as an adult you use it as well. Like one of those moments where you look like you [...]

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Targaan’s Lessons

Howdy Peeps! There are so many life lessons that Targaan and his friends shared with us. Children have a way of bringing those up for us and many times we aren't even aware of it. This story was no exception. As you think back on the story, the life lessons started at the beginning, almost [...]

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